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Larry's previous shop was an 800-square-foot arrangement in his basement. That was an improvement over his first venture. a 200-square-foot space "with a cheap saw." But when t he i nvestment banker and Ci ndy, his wife of 31 years, bought into a gated community that had been a 1,000-acre ranch, Larry had one thing on his mind. "I asked myself, 'If I could build any kind

Larry Malohn lives that dream in a 1,700-square-foot frame structure in Morrison, Colorado, 25 miles west of Denver, From there, he can look up from building furniture and gaze at the Rocky Mountains.

"Yeah. I'm pretty lucky," he admits. "We've lived here for 14 years and when we bought the property, I had the opportunity to build just the kind of shop I always wanted."

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