Order and serenity

Three electrical wall heating units combine with an electrical heating fan beneath the ceiling to warm Sam's shop in as little as five minutes. Only recently did he install a window air conditioner. A dehumidifier, which drains into the shop's sink, keeps the humidity around 50 percent.

Sam thought long and hard about where to position his tools.

They're there to stay; he elected not to install casters on any of his machines, all of which run on 220 volts. Ample receptacles make it unnecessary for Sam to plug and re-plug. He ran the wires under the floor, so there's little to trip over.

The dust-collection ductwork transitions from 8" to 6" to 4", allowing it to tuck neatly beneath the shop floor and come up to connect with each tool or down-draft station. An air cleaner hangs from the ceiling.

Noise was nearly as important. Sam cut down on the noise of his 3-hp cyclone by locating it behind the wall that separates the bathroom from the shop. A hole on top of the wall facilitates air exchange.

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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