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from Jerry Jones, Winamac, Ind.

When a collapsing outfeed table resulted in a severe saw-cut injury, Jerry realized he needed an outfeed table that would remain solidly upright and enable him to cut longer boards and plywood panels safely. His 4x3' outfeed table bolts into place on the tablesaw rear-fence rail. The top is W particleboard; Jerry salvaged agricultural disk blades for the bases. Locking nuts, part of the table-height-adjustment mechanism, keep everything in place.

Woodshop Storage SolutionsWoodshop Storage Solutions

Drill-Press/Mortiser Stand from Greg Paris, Portland, Ore.

^ Like the mobile planer stand below, Greg customized this stand for his drill press and hollow-chisel mortiser to ensure that his top-heavy benchtop tools would be stable, wherever he moved them. Each supply drawer faces the same direction as the tool above it, so it's easy for Greg to access whatever accessories he needs. For the base, Greg used the metal components of a Delta 50-322 Planer Stand ($57 from toolmart.com, 800-735-8665) and shortened the legs to yield the proper overall working height. The unit moves easily on four 3" heavy-duty double-locking swivel casters from Woodcraft ($16 each, 800-225-1153, woodcraft.com).

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Mobile Planer Stand from Greg Paris, Portland, Ore.

^ It seemed to Greg that a benchtop planer weighing more than 90 lbs on top of a narrow mobile base might topple If it ran over a cord or wood scrap. So he fashioned an enclosure similar to his drill-press/mortiser stand above. The only difference is that both drawers on this stand open in the same direction. Greg replaced the MDF top on this tool and his drill press and mortiser with a section of W-thick maple he bought at a local hardwood supplier.

Retractable Sander Table from Dennis Masotti, Oakville, Ont.

A Every time Dennis wanted to use his oscillating spindle sander, he had to haul it out, lift it onto the bench, attach the dust-collection hose, and put it all back when he was done. To save time and effort, he installed this platform, based on a kitchen appliance add-on. Lifter brackets ($85 a pair from Lee Valley, 800-871-8158, www.leevalley.com), which lock in place, mount to wood supports bolted to the legs at his worktable. A removable 2" vacuum hose on the back side connects to his shop vacuum. "Now when I want to sand," Dennis says, "all I do is lift the sander until it locks into position (as shown at right), and lower it out of the way when I'm done."

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