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David, Wayne, and his stepsons, grandchildren, and friends began work on the frame structure in March 2006 and finished up the following February. Except for forming the concrete floor and footings and doing the dry walling, they provided the rest of the labor, which included constructing the frame, and the exterior siding of concrete-impregnated hardboard.

The Southards epoxied the floor to seal the concrete, reduce concrete dust, and help keep the floor clean. It took an entire day: first washing the floor with muratic acid twice, using a brush and pressure washer; then thoroughly rinsing the floor and drying it with fans for several hours; and finally rolling the epoxy on in 6x6' sections and sprinkling on the flakes while the sections were still wet.

A 200-amp box powers everything. But the Southards added 30-amp and 50-amp circuits that await a dust-collection cyclone

Wall cabinet

Wall cabinet

Wall cabinet



Tool chest


Air compressor

Mitersaw/planer flip-top cabinet


Vise on stand



Mobile sheet-goods rack


Adjustable-height bench


Overhead door

'Jointer Fire

Grinder extinguisher T00| chests

Belt/disc sander

Wall cabinet

Clamp racks

Storage cabinet



Storage cabinet

Wall cabinet

Like newlyweds combining two households, Wayne and David Southard pooled their own hand and power tools. The roominess of the shop enabled them to store every tool without needing to dispose of duplicates. All heavy tools are on casters for mobility.

Installing 10'-high ceilings allowed for tall garage doors; together, they more than accommodate large projects. David designed the shop to resemble an old-fashioned carriage house, down to the exterior sconces. The shed behind the shop stores lumber.

The bag below the tablesaw collects sawdust. When Wayne or David connect a hose, the waste is sucked into a portable shop vacuum.


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ABOVE: Ample outlets at two levels along each wall allow for flexibility in connecting tools to power sources. Mobile bases and casters keep these tools and stands portable.

RIGHT: The Southards centered their tablesaw side-to-side in the shop, near the sheet-goods rack. For long stock, the adjustable-height bench provides an extended and stable outfeed table.

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