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from Sammy Hargrove, Dallas, Texas

^ Sammy had too many plywood sheets taking up too much space In his shop. So he created a portable plywood cart that not only moves easily on casters but also lets him load and unload sheets without difficulty, thanks to the rollers at each end. Sammy used pine 2x4s to create the 76x31" frame, 2x8s to which he attached the casters, and %" black pipe of various heights for the uprights, spaced 11" apart and anchored into pipe flanges. For the rollers at each end, Sammy turned six pieces of wood to 1Va" diameter, drilled holes through each cylinder and inserted Va" steel rods. Then he fed the rods into short pieces of Vs" pipe at each end and in between the rollers. Conduit bracket over the W pipe holds the assembly in place. "I can tilt a plywood sheet up and get it on the cart; everything stores neatly out of the way," Sammy says.

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