Practicality and happenstance

While most attributes of his shop were carefully planned and designed, others came about by happenstance. For example, one of his hanging clamp racks (see page 60) started out purely as a shelf to hold a television. The clamps simply grip the shelf's front rail. "If I've done it, it's elementary," Randy assures, with a laugh.

Randy underestimates his accomplishments, which include a bedroom set for his high-school-age daughter. Brooke, as well as numerous kitchen cabinets. (See page 63.) "Learning to build cabinets was an education," he says. "For example, I learned to add an exLra Va so the cabinets fit correctly. 1 learned the importance of machining my rails and stiles correctly, and to be careful in cutting joints—Vs" or '/W' can mean the difference between fitting or not fitting."

Randy learned well. His cabinets, and other well-crafted efforts, as well as his entire shop, are monuments to his good friend and mentor.

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