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Sam crafted this ash-and-ceramic table when he and his wife, Julie, first moved into their new home and Sam built his shop. Sam still crafts wood furniture but also experiments with wood turnings and stone carvings. He's proudest of his 12-15"-tall segmented vases, made of walnut, maple, and butternut.

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Segmented Vase Making
#8x1 W F.H. wood screw

Sam constructed this compact organizer out of maple scrap in a couple of hours. Shelves fit into dadoes cut into each side. Using lighter-weight wood will allow it to hang on any wall (screwed into wall studs), even if your wall isn't lined with faux hardwood flooring over drywall, as Sam did in his shop.

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Vi" dadoes Va" deep

weeks once; it about drove me crazy. I promised that if i ever redesigned my shop, I wasn't going to let that happen again."

Leland, 53, got his chance when he and his wife. Susanne, erected a 12x32' outbuilding in the backyard of their ranch-style home in Long view, Washington. 60 miles north of Portland, Oregon. But he didn't do it solely with cabinets or drawers. "My drawers are a mess," he says. Instead he turned to his walls.

Practically every inch of those walls is covered with W

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