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Larry made his first workbench solid—and expendable. If he does mar the worksurface, formed by two 1x6s edge-joined with biscuits, he can just cut new boards to replace them. Larry attached the clear acrylic dust-collection ductwork above his bench to save space. "Also, if I get a blockage, the clear plastic shows me exactly where It is."

Larry determined where to situate his perforated-hardboard tool boards symmetrically, on each side of a window. For stability, the hardboard attaches to ifed" backing boards with sheet-metal screws. The tool boards protrude just %" from the wall.

Measuring Tool Holder

A draftsman for a lumber company during a previous career, Larry Schwager had de signed many cabinets and other wood pieces for homes. It was only after he retired thai he began to think that it would be fun to build those pieces as well

"When I first started, 1 could see the difficulty in woodworking,' Larry admits. "It wasn't something that you could do without training. But I'd been doing a lot of reading and I had the background for this, so [ thought it was something I would like to get into."

Larry, who began woodworking last year, started with little pieces, mostly involving scroflsawing and woodburning. The first major piece he built was the buffet cabinet above. Then the request line heated up. "My granddaughter, Ali, wanted a high chair for one of her dolls, my wife wanted a bench [shown above i-ight] to sit on in our bedroom," Larry says. "I couldn't say no."

As the weather turns warmer, and the ski bums depart, Larry spends more time outdoors. But once the Idaho winter beckons, he looks forward to getting back into the newly found enjoyment of his shop. "I hope we have a nice long winter," he says.

Larry traced the relief-carving pattern on this pine bench from the Schwagers' bedroom set, carving it out with a high-speed rotary tool and small gun-stock-checkering tool. A Porter-Cable half-blind dovetail jig fashioned the corners; the sides were rabbeted W to accept the seat. A Va" groove routed on the Inside accepts the W birch plywood bottom. Four coats of polyurethane produce the high gloss. The legs were purchased—because Larry has yet to buy a lathe—and screwed in place. He added oak plugs to cover the screw heads.

Photographs: Mike Lloyd Paris Studios Photography

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