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Brian turned these projects for monthly challenge competitions conducted by the woodturners club in Madison, Wisconsin. The natural-edge cherry-burl bowl, at near left, comes from a damaged cherry tree on Brian's acreage, the first wood he harvested from his property. He turned the lamp from a chunk of curly maple. The "see-through" egg at far left uses maple for the outside and yellowheart for the inside. Scrap OSB from rim joists of Brian's house supplied the material for the platter.

Hardware Cabinet

Hardware Cabinet

Derived from a Swedish postwar design, this cabinet Brian made in 1984 features adjustable pull-out shelving and plenty of drawers to hold his files, chisels, bits, and other hand tools and accessories.

It took several apartments and one basement

It took several apartments and one basement for Samuel Daigle to put together the shop he wanted. But now for this French-Canadian, everything is magnifiquel

Like many woodworkers, Samuel Daigle discovered his love of the craft from his grandfather. Much later, the emergency-room doctor relied on his patience to construct just the shop he wanted.

"At first I got into woodcarv-ing," recalls Sam, who lives in a bayside town in New Brunswick in the Canadian Maritime Provinces. "I didn't need more than a few tools for carving." When he started doing more woodwork ing, he bought a portable table-saw that he would haul out to the balcony of whatever apartment he lived in. "I'm guessing the neighbors didn't care for that too much." he says.

When Sam and his wife, Julie, bought their home in 2001, he finished the basement to accommodate a shop. "But by that time I was doing more and more woodworking, and I started seriously thinking about what I needed," he says. "I knew I was going to do more and more, but still wasn't sure of exactly what tools I'd have to get."

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