Rabbet Cutting Fence

from Bruce Greenawald, Schnecksville, Pa.

A Here's a no-clamp way to add a sacrificial rabbet-cutting fence to your saw's regular fence. Bruce's box fence fits over his T-square-stySe rip fence; when the MDF side gets trashed, he easily replaces It. This model is Bruce's second stab at the box fence, adding several improvements along the way. An aluminum T-track tucks snugly Into a 3A" dado W deep in the MDF, allowing him to tighten the bolts securing the feather board to the sacrificial face of the box. "This provides much smoother movement and better Iockdown of the feather board and other attachments than with just the regular fence," Bruce explains. The two handles on top help when he moves the fence around the shop for storage or when he sets it in place over the regular fence. On the side facing away from the camera, two built-in clamping screws, made using brass T-bolts, attach the auxiliary box fence securely to his rip fence.

Portable Clamp Rack from Doug Dankers, Red Wing, Minn.

A Like most woodworkers, Doug Dankers has many clamps and little room to store them, His solution: a portable clamp rack made from scrap 3A" plywood. Doug estimates it took him about four hours to construct the rack, which consists of a simple box, top. drawer, and threaded iron pipes. Hidden casters allow Doug to wheel it wherever he needs. Long clamps stand upright in a set of top-to-bottom-aligned holes in the top and within the cabinet. A plywood drawer at the bottom holds smaller clamps. ► Doug used V?" pipe to hang his spring clamps; one horizontal pipe holds more than a dozen clamps. Doug threaded the pipes together with tees and elbows, then stuck the pipe ends into two holes in the plywood base.

Saw Blade Storage

Saw Blade Storage Cabinet/Extension Table from Charles Oobbs, Gladstone, Mo,

Charles Dobbs had an abundance of saw blades to store, but not an abundance of room. So from scrap red oak and melamine-coated particleboard he devised this muitidrawer storage cabinet, which also serves as a tablesaw extension table. "I didn't want the drawers real fancy," he says, "but they had to be sturdy enough to hold the blades." A lubrication of paraffin helps the drawers slide in and out. Half-inch dowels screwed to the bottoms of the 2"-deep drawers hold his blades in place. Hardboard spacers between the blades protect the carbide teeth.

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