Rotating Top Sharpening Station

Often, during a long turning session, Walt finds himself sharpening a gouge or skew multiple times. Rather than constantly walking to a wall rack to swap or sharpen tools, he designed this sharpening station with a worksurface that rotates 360°. "All the lathe tools and calipers are immediately at hand when I'm turning," he says. "Often, I don't even turn off the lathe;! just turn to the grinder, sharpen, and go back to the task at hand."

2x16" UHMW film

Note: All W stock except butcher block top and '/¡»"-thick door panel

W carriage bolt 3" long

V i 9W1 hole, centered

1/2" dowels 4" long mounted on end tor holding calipers

Vs" washer and lock nut W rabbet deep-^

Tool hoider

Holes to fit turningtool ferrules

1%" counterbore 1" deep with a %" hole centered inside

Showcase YOUR If I had to do it all over again...


See page 127for details.

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