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Built Cabinet

Randy built this cabinet "when I didn't know what i was doing and I couldn't determine the number of the bits I would be using." So he carefully labeled every hole for each bit.

Made of plywood, except for the drawer and door (%" oak), the cabinet uses off-the-shelf hardware and simple joinery. Instead of using drawer-slide hardware, Randy rubbed some paraffin into the grooves in the sides to help the plywood shelves slide easier.

Another project Randy made before there was a commercial equivalent is this 31/2x2' downdraft table, attached to his tablesaw that occupies the center of his shop. Made of %" MDF with a perforated-hardboard top, the downdraft table is designed so Randy doesn't need to move around much when he sands. Inside the table, an old furnace fan sucks the dust through the W holes drilled into the perforated hardboard, through a stack of filters, then exhausts clean air out the bottom. Randy added an electrical outlet to plug in his random-orbit and belt sanders, which stow in simply built plywood shelves.

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