Specialized spaces for special tasks

Doing mostly carving, Dale doesn't perform a lot of tasks thai kick up plenty of dust. For that reason, he has put off investing in a central dust-collection system, instead using a portable shop vacuum.

What is essential, however, is a microwave oven he uses to dry pieces quickly. "The recipe is microwave a piece on high for two minutes, let it coot for 10 minutes, and put it back in for two minutes, weighing it at each stage," he says. "When the weight stabilizes, all the water is out of it. A typical mask can lose from 8 to 16 ounces of water."

As with other objects he crafts. Dale carves from the native hardwood on his property. So an essential for his carving studio is a place to hollow out the logs, as well as shelves to set them upon to dry.

Everything begins in Dale's office, which he purposefully built into his shop layout. "I've learned over the years that it's essential to invest however many hours it takes to create a good

Scroll Saw Wood Shop Layout

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