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''I wanted five things for my home," he says: "adding a new dining room, living room, garage, upgrading the electrical, and doubling the size of my workshop. My shop was only 12x20', and it was a nightmare trying to do anything of any size. To save space, al! my woodworking machines were on wheels. I had no room for larger, more efficient tools, 1 wanted more space to devote to my furniture-building and guitar work."

Scott's renovations more than doubled the size of his workspace. Building a new attached

ABOVE AND RIGHT: Because Scott's upper-level shop is an assembly area, he built and installed three tables: his main bench in the rear, left; another all-purpose table, foreground; and a 26x48" vise table, securely anchored to the floor, at right rear and in photo, right. From the rear of the table and clockwise, the vises are: a pipe vise from Grizzly that Scott uses to hold any diameter of conduit; a heavy-duty all-purpose metal vise, with built-in anvil (a necessity for any shop, Scott says); a patternmaker's vise, with jaws that swivel independently to allow clamping of odd-shaped pieces; and a parrot vise, which rotates 360° and locks into position.

garage allowed him to expand his shop into his original garage as well as his basement. That 15x24' area houses his tools, and the former space, now 21x22', is an assembly and "clean room.'

Looking at how Scott did all Litis is a case study in how to think through a shop expansion. "My first priority was to plan," Scott says. "I sketched out my space, made cutouts to represent all my machines, and moved them around." Once he had everything where he wanted it. Scott upgraded nearly every tool with something that was either bigger, better, or both.

"By then, 1 had grown out of my 100-percent-hobbyist phase, and I needed tools that were more reliable," he says.

The only tools that remain from the originals Scott brought to the house are a small Delta jointer, as well as a Craftsman tablesaw that had once belonged to his father. "I learned to do woodworking on that," Scolt says. "It's near and dear to my heart. Besides, it's nice to have two tablesaws."

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