We all have to start somewhere This young woodworker proves you dont need a lot of space to equip a functional shopjust some ingenuity

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Between designing spacecraft systems for NASA, Matt Fuller's uncle, Fred Lively, was heavily into woodworking. Matt was sort of into the craft, but nowhere near the dedication of his uncle.

"When I was growing up in Texas, the only thing I had was a tablesaw—that's all I ever needed," says Matt, a college administrator and doctoral can didate in education at Illinois State University in Normal. Illinois. One day, that all changed.

Shortly after Matt and his wife, Kerri, moved to Illinois to pursue their degrees, Fred Lively passed away and left his woodworking tools to Matt. "He had a garage full of stuff," Matt relates. "I didn't know what half of it was—I still don't." What he also didn't know was where he'd keep it; could he afford to build a shop like Uncle Fred's? Also, Kerri wanted their garage to park the car during the Midwest winters.

So Matt sought out a shed kil that combined size and economy. "Even then, I knew I would be constrained," he says. Kits with 2x4 framing appealed to Matt. "You can cut scrap 2x4s and create shelves," he says. He also wanted a sturdy shelf to keep his lathe workstation stable. "When you're turning," Matt explains, "there's a lot of vibration, so a rock-solid support is essential."

Matt, his brother-in-law, Eric Adams, his father-in-law. Rick Adams, and a neighbor constructed the 8x12' shed. After it went up. Matt painted the interior walls white.

"If 1 saw white space, that was empty space," he says, "and I needed to put something else there." Then he figured out

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