This is the only mortiser in our test with an X-Y table, which means the entire table moves front to back and left to right. Wow, does this feature simplify mortising. The vise locks stock rigidly. The horizontal vise locks the stock onto the table so no vertical hold-down is required. A knurled knob positions the table front to back to locate the mortise. A lever in front moves the table left to right to punch the length of the mortise. Maximum capacity in the vise is 3-5/8 in. Left-to-

right travel of the table is 4 in. The depth-of-cut stop tended to slip out of adjustment during use. Source Yorkcraft, (800) 235-2100,


Make a laundry list of all the things you'd like in a mortise machine, and the Powermatic 701 would satisfy them all. It has a completely tool-free setup, a rock-solid rack-and-pinion fence, great capacity, left or right handle position and a good size table. One unique feature is the sharpening cone mounted on top of the column for touching up the inside of the hollow chisels. Another feature unique to the Powermatic is built-in shims. This innovation greatly simplifies the touchy task of setting the clearance between the auger bit and the hollow chisel. Chisels are not included with this machine. Source Powermatic. (800) 274-6848,

Table width

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