Grip-tite Subfence Hole Clamps

Source Kreg Tools, (800) 447-8638, Pocket-hole jig, #R3, $45. Face clamp, #SFC, $15.

a heart-- . beat. W The stand comes with one pair of machine mounts. You'll need one set per tool; additional sets cost $25 per pair. An 8-in. wheel is built into the stand so it can be rolled, wheelbarrow style, when folded.

Source HTC Products. (800) 624-2027. Saw stand, #PM7000, $250. Extra machine mounts. PM7002. $25 a pair.

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Well-Equipped Shop air outlet

Tablesaw Fence Clamp

Sometimes you just have to say, "Why didn 't I think of that? That's the case with these tablesaw fence clamps for S20 a pair from the folks at Grip-Tite. They provide an effective way to clamp a subface to your tablesaw fence.

It's a simple idea. Drill a l/2-in.-dia. hole in the subface and slip the clamp into the hole. Then span the clamp over the fence, tighten it and you're good to go.

< Source Grip-Tite. (800) 475-0293, Subfence clamps, HC1 for 1-to 2-in.-wide fence, HC2 for 2- to 4-1/2-in.-wide fence, $20 a pair.

Invisible Joinery-

The Invis System from Lamello is one of the coolest joinery systems I've ever seen. Picture this: You've got a joint to assemble and traditional means, such as dowels, biscuits or screws, won't work. Maybe it's a piece that can't be put together until the project is in place, such as components of large modular cabinets or furniture. So in your shop you install the Invis joinery components, which look like small studs, one component going into each half of the joint. When you're ready to assemble, you slip the parts together and run a magnetic actuator over the components. The magnetic field causes one part to spin and screw into the other. As they tighten, they draw the parts together. It's fast and effective, providing a tight, rock-solid joint that can also be disasssembled if needed. The two-piece components cost about $5 each, significantly more than dowels or biscuits.

The $500 starter kit or Duo Bundle includes both the DrillKit and KitPro installation package. The Duo Bundle also provides drilling and installation guides for the two-piece joiners, drill bits, several 8-mm and 12-mm components and the magnetic actuator.


Lamello, (877)867-9019, Invis starter kit. #6100004, $500.


Lamello, (877)867-9019, Invis starter kit. #6100004, $500.

HOVERPADS underside

Air-Lift Mobile Base

Who doesn't like having tools mobile? A variety of problem-solving mobile bases are on the market, but General International has taken mobility to new heights with its Hoverpad. No wheels on this base. It lifts the tool on a bed of air. Even a small compressor is enough to make the Hoverpad work.

General demonstrated the Hoverpad at IWF by placing it under a very large shaper (see photo, below). With the air valve to the Hoverpad open, the shaper gently lifted off. A light push is all it took to slide the airborne machine across the floor, which must be very smooth.

Many mobile bases have swivel wheels on one end only, so you often have to seesaw your tool into position. The Hoverpad will go in any direction—forward, back, left, right, diagonal—with very little effort.

The Hoverpad, which is less than 1 in. thick, is available in two sizes: 18-in. x 24-in. for SI69 and 29-in. x 29-in. for S249. If the pad is larger than you need, the small version can be cut down on a tablesaw to 13 in. x 19 in. without affecting iLs air lift system. The large one can be cut to 20 in. x 20 in. The price of the smaller Hoverpad is comparable to the price of a conventional tablesaw-sized mobile base.

Source General International, (514) 326-1161, Hoverpad. 18 in. x 24 in., #10-824, $169; 29 in. x29 in., #10-929, $249.

Source General International, (514) 326-1161, Hoverpad. 18 in. x 24 in., #10-824, $169; 29 in. x29 in., #10-929, $249.

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