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Create Timeless Memories... with a Handcrafted Clock!

Your complete source for clockmaking supplies. Our catalog is filled with clock movements, easy-to-follow plans and kits, and accessories for woodworkers of every skill level. Choose from new music box styles, bird houses, boat and humidor kits. Sand, assemble and stain. It's that easy!

PO. BOX 300100 ESCONDI no. CA 9201 CHAIR PLAN $19.95 «13.50 SAH CATALOG $3.00 760 74W923


Morris Chair arts & Chams Stm.i.Chaik & Footstool

Intnxto-inti the lUxtt plan oc the murta ioOjv* Pane* of direction* And 36 by 4H CAD ycncratcJ pUn Thii comforubte chair ha» a 4 position back with * m1c bowed ârm*. Dan. - 34 inches wide by 40 inches high by 39 roche» deep

No Splintering, No Tearout, Life-Long Performance.

Now That's Precious Metal.

Made & Serviced in AMERICA

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