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Jim Morgans Wood Profits

Wood Profits by Jim Morgan

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#13 April 1990: Turned Birdhouses, Slot Morciscr

#23 December 1991: Riding Locomotive, Slac-Top Desk

#41 1995 Tool Buyer's Guide (November 1994)

»44 April 1995: Revolutionary Router Table

#45 June 1995: Colonial Tavern TaMe,

Buyer's Guide to Shop Vacs, Breadboard Ends

#46 August 1995: Buyer's Guide to Router Table Fences

Am & Crafts Arinoire, Vacuum Clamping

#47 October 1995: Rust* Rocker. Japanese Toolbox

»48 1996 Tool Buyer s Guide (November 1995)

#49 December 1995: Queen Anne Tea Table

#50 February 19%: Make Perfect Fdge Joint*

#51 April 1996: Tabkuw Tapering Jig,

Buyer'» Guide to Jack Plane*

#53 August 19%: Joints for Better Cabinets

#54 October 1996: Mortising Jig. Dovetails. Scrollsaws

#55 1997 Tool Buyer's Guide (November 19%)

#56 December 19%: Blanket Chest

#57 February 1997: Entertainment Center

*58 April 1997: Build a Better Workbench

#59 June 1997: Custom Kitchen

#60 August 1997: Heirloom Tool Chest

#61 October 1997: Jewelry Box. Hanging Cradle

#62 1998 Tool Buyers Guide (November 1997)

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The Complete american woodworker Index Includes Issues #1-49 (1988-1995). The american woodworker Index zeros in fait on the information you need. Includes every articlc> project, Tech Tip and more from 1988 through 1995 — all listed by subject and cross-rcfcrcnced for easy use.

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Antique Tools_


Hundreds of quality handtools. Many Stanley. Send business-size SASE for tool list or visit http://www.olympus.net/bktools. Visa/MC. Bob Kaunc, Dept. AW 198. 511 W. 1 lth. Port Angeles. WA 98362. (360) 452-2292. Mailorder only.



Tension Swedish Silicon Steel, 1/16" thru lYt". Free Catalog. Suffolk Machinery (800) 234-7297.


SOTHBY'S CARING FOR ANTIQUES VIDEO—Advice from the experts. Special price SI9.95 plus s&h. Mention code fwood. (800) 444-3709.

www.connectedlines.com, Windows95 software, pattern-making, furniture style guide, information databases, inventor)-, more. Connected Lines. PO Box 140, Stratham. NH 03885.

Finishing Supplies_

SPRAY-ON SUEDE. FREE brochure and sample. New Mini-Flocker. Donjcr Products, llcnc Ct., Building 8A, Bcllcmcad, NJ 08502. (800) 336-6537.



coming to a computer near you at www.primenet.tom/-profhdwr— Professional Hardware and Supply, (800) 248-1919.

APPRENTICESHIP—One year, hands on—Fine furnituremaking with rare solid woods, design, and marketing. Tuition. Jeffrey Greene (215)348-5232.



Airplane $14, Dinosaur $10. Send $2 for brochure. Greco's Wooden Toy Co.. 47-261 B Hui Iwa St., Kanchoe. HI 96744.(808) 239-4792, Fax(808) 239-4851.

FURNITURE PLANS. Rolltop desk. Cradle, Winerack, and many conventional designs. Catalog S3. Lake Superior Design, Box 751, Grand Marais, MN 55604-0751.


Assemble your own Pennsylvania or Kentucky rifle, 1861, 1863 Springfield, Brown Bess, Charlcvillc. or other muzzleloading rifles with one of our kits. Order the GIANT 750-pg. Dixie Gun Works catalog today! Send $5 or $8.50 COD to: Dixie Gun Works, Dept. AW. P.O. Box 130, Union City. TN 38261. Or call: (901) 885-0700.

BUILD YOUR OWN circular saw jig. Jig produces repetitive accurate cuts, project plans included. Send

$9.95 plus $1.45 S/H, check or money order to: Wooden Designs, P.O. Box 7323, Somerset, NJ 08875-7323.

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