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Woodworking Community... at AW Online!

The benefits are as close as your computer keyboard.

Chat live with other woodworkers around the country! Swap information about project plans, woodworking techniques, magazine articles, and new tools and accessories. Join AW's online community, a service of America Online—you're always welcome!

Affordable rates— For just $19,95 a month, you get unlimited access to America Online and the World Wide Web. Call (800) 764-4400 for free AOL software and 50 free hours of introductory online use.


Russell Miners, author of our rcccnc story on building a miniature tre-buchet (AW #63), has also built larger versions that hurl 2-pound balls, teddy bears, and soft-drink cans as far as 200 ft. Miners' largest treb is about one-sixth the size of a giant medieval trcbuchet that was capablc of launching 1-ton boulders over fortress walls.

A handful of historical-reenactment societies around the world, particularly those whose primary interest is medieval combat, have recently sparked a sort of trebuchct revival. Some of these retro-warriors build full-scale "siege engines," test the trcbuchet's limits in range and accuracy, and launch some outrageous projectiles: grand pianos, flaming toilets, Buicks— you get the picture.

Retro-warriors. Russell Miners (left) and John Southall, of western Australia, wear medieval combat garb as they cock the trebuchet's beam to prepare for launching.

Miners can knock down his midsize "treb" (see photo, above) to a pile of timbers and bolts. He transports it to rccnactmcnt festivals around

Australia, where he lives.

For more information, see Miners' trebuchet website: www.iinet.net.au/-rmine/ gctrcbs.html.

Once you're hooked up with AOL, just enter the keyword "wood" to get connected with AW Online.

Instead of empty stockings, some 125 disadvantaged kids in the Los Angeles area received toy bulldozers this holiday season, thanks to the San Fernando Valley Woodworkers (SFVW).

Every summer the SFVW meets to design a new wood toy and to plan its production. Local businesses and civic groups donate wood, supplies, and use of a commercial-size shop

Holiday spirit.

San Fernando Valley (CA) Woodworkers show off the toy bulldozers they made.

facility. Members of the SFVW make the toys with assembly line efficiency at the end of summer. Local charitable organizations then distribute the toys to children in December.

For more information about the SFVW, call Mac Pace, the guild's president, at (818) 341-7135.

HARD to find?

From brass pulls to jig and fixture knobs. Woodcraft's extensive selection of hardware makes the "hard to find" hard to miss. For a free catalog call:

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