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Freud's new Dial-A-Width Dado set is the most innovative dado set we've ever seen."

American Woodworker Magazine. December 1996

Spend your time being totally amazed with this incredible dado but don't spend a lot of time looking for shims ... there aren't any. Now with a turn of the dial you can have the super fine adjustments that you have always needed in a stack dado. No more shimming and no more wasted time ... a simple click of the dial is all that you need.

Spfcnter free, flat bottom grooves in afl materofc including problem materials like veneered ptywood or melamine.

The new Dial-a-Width dado is the best dado that has come along in years. See for yourself how easy it is to use on your table saw or radial arm saw. Check out the precise joints. Look at the flat bottom groove. You will know immediately that it is not a wobble dado. Notice that the sharp, splinter-free cuts are those that you have come to expect from Freud. This dado produces the best finish and highest quality cuts of any dado available today.

The Dial-a-Width dado does perform like a stack dado but we have replaced the shims with a patented dial system. With our exclusive hub dial you can be totally sure of the accuracy of your adjustments. Each "click" of the dial adjusts the blade by .004". These are very precise adjustments. But if you need a closer adjustment... no problem. Simply stop the dial between "clicks".

Dtal system with precise width adjustment, eliminates shimming.

The Dial-a-Width dado is easy to use, very precise and provides exceptional cuts. For the serious woodworker, there's nothing better.

Illillie CCH3 III noerod plywood, lelamine, chipboard and solid woods.

8" Diameter

29'32" Max. Cut

Max. RPM 6000

Includes arbor wrench and a sturdy storage case.

Always disconnect power before making adjustments Rod is a registered trademark of Freud. USA, Inc.

U.S. Patent 5,368.079

Precisely what you need.

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