Patching With A Veneer Punch

Punch it out. A veneer punch is the quickest patching method Punch out the damage first, then punch a matching patch.

back. This way, the punch will cut a slight bevel, just as your knife does in the diamond patch method. Clean out the recess; then glue and clamp.

The dogleg advantage. Use a "dogleg" or "crankneck" chisel to excavate and flatten the patch area.

prices start at $100 and increase with size—but it's worth the money if you make a lot of repairs. It's the quickest way to make a patch, and the irregularly shaped cutting edge makes the patch difficult to detect.

To outline the recess, put the punch on the damaged surface and make one strong, well-placed strike with a dead-blow mallet. (See photo, above.) If you strike more than once, your patch may not fit the recess perfectly. A deadblow mallet is least likely to bounce back.

To make the patch, lay your new veneer face down on a piece of hard wood, and punch through from the

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