Portable Sawmill

Can easily be carried and operated by one person. Cuts up to 2CT diameter logs into lumber, from 1/8 to 9" thick and up to 14" w.

Better Built Corporation

789 Woburn Street. Dept. AW Wilmington, MA 01887-4600 Phone: 978-657-5636 Fax: 978-658-0444 Website: http://wsvw.ripsaw.com MasterCard. Visa, Discover accepted

Unique Catalog Fine Woodworking Handtools

Hand tools you ne\cr thought^ exhted! They're unique and f ^n^lS^V hijjh qua lit >. Thou%ands v™ shovtn. 114 pages includes txioks and iimthinx nuteriah. Oh yes, \%e'll give you a free spokeshate on your first order of $50.00 or more and keep you on our mailing list for future catalogs. Catalog cost $5.00.

VISA or MC 1-800-648-1270

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