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Chopping Square

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Most of the dovetails I produce are cut by hand. The fixture shown here helps me keep my chiscls square to the face of the work when chopping out the waste. To use the device, clamp the workpiecc under the fence so the tip of a chisel falls into the gauge line. Use a piece of '/4-in.-thick scrap plywood under the workpiecc to prevent chiseling into the base of the fixture.

William White Williston, VT

liest tip u ins <J()l). Know .1 Ix'tter way of doing something? Designed a (lever jig? Send your origin,il woodworking tips, along with a sketch or a snapshot to: "Tech Tips," American Woodworker, 33 E. Minor St., Emmaus, PA 18098. We'll pay $50 for each tip we publish and S200 for the best tip of the issue.

Vacuum-Hose Holder

I made this vacuum-hose holder so I could position the suction exactly where it was needed. I removed the bulb hold-

Invisible Shelf Supports

I needed to support a shelf in a newly remodeled kitchen without any visible screws or hardware. It struck me that bed hardware was the perfect answer. I screwed the hook side into a stud in the wall, then routed a recess for the latch in the bracket. Bed-rail fasteners are available from common mail-order catalogs in 4-, 5- and 6-in. lengths.

Allen Maddy Columbia, MO

Workbench Extension Table

Being perpetually short of bench space, I came up with this removable extension table. Metal rods connect table and bench so both surfaces are flush. This

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