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Odate on shoji making. Toshio Odate demonstrates on a traditional planing beam.

Never before have so many master woodworkers come together to share their secrets! Thousands of woodworking enthusiasts came to learn from the experts last September, when The American Woodworker Show™ hosted an impressive exposition in Novi, Ml (near Detroit).

Showgocrs were treated to expert advice and demonstrations on hand-tool joinery, sharpening, router techniques, shop layout, shoji making, carving, and furniture design— just to name a few.

The Los Angeles area is the next destination for The American Woodworker Show™. The action begins March 6 at the Ontario Convention Center and runs through March 8. For information, call

800-914-9395 or visit The American Woodworker Show"- website at http://americanwoodworker

Weber on bodging. Don Weber shows how he makes chair spindles on his pole lathe.

"Toying with Wood" was the theme of the fourth annual Wharton Esherick Woodworking Competition last summer. That's exactly what John Morgan was when he designed his winning entry, "Dangerous Weapon." (See photo, right.) Morgan carved the 5V2 by 7 by 2-in. caricature mainly out of pine and basswood, studded it with dowel pegs, and painted it with enamel. Squeezing a plywood trigger in the neck activates spring-loaded brass rods that open the eyelids and extend the tongue. Morgan won $500 for his imaginative efforts.

The contest was sponsored by the Wharton Esherick Museum in Paoli, PA. Wharton Esherick was an imaginative woodcarv-cr, furniture maker, and teacher who encouraged his students to have fun and to develop nontradi-tional styles. Morgan is an associate professor of art at Auburn University in Alabama.

The theme of next year's competition is "Three-Legged Stools." For more information about the Wharton Esherick Museum and its annual competition, call (610) 644-5822.

A tongue with a trigger. John Morgan's carved[ painted character opens its eyes and sticks out its tongue when you squeeze its neck.

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