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Plug-Trimming Router Base

I recently used wood dowels to plug some screw holes. Trimming them by hand was tough, so I made this handy offset router base. 1 used a scrap of MDF and made the offset on my router table. Then I drilled and countersunk screw holes that match the ones in my original router base. I attached the new base with long scrfews and adjusted the router bit so it cuts just shy of the full thickness of the new base. It trims the plugs almost perfectly flush, leaving me just a little scraping or sanding.

Walt Crenshaw

Zero-Clearance Bandsaw Table

I like to cut tenons with my bandsaw, but the little cutoffs tend to fall down in the space by the blade and get in the way or bind the blade. I found a slick fix. Tape a piece of thin cardboard (froi something like a manila folder or old cereal box) to the table. The trimmings stay on top of the table and are easily pushed out of the way.

Earl Hagen

Refinisli Your Future.

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