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Installing Hardware and Finishing

1. Drill holes for the drawer and doorknobs (Fig. F, page 60).

2. Drill holes for the shelf pins.

3. Install magnetic catches for the doors.

4. Remove the top, back and doors to make finishing easier.

5. Dye the maple feet (see Sources, page 67).

6. Walnut looks great under almost any kind of finish. We used Minwax Antique Oil to bring out the handsome figure.

7. Bright white ceramic knobs are a striking contrast to the cupboards dark walnut (see Sources, page 67). (The original Amish cupboard that inspired ours has ceramic knobs, as well.) Install the knobs.

8. Start making jelly! AV


Glue the plywood panels and the rails into the door stiles. The joinery is simple tongue and groove, which is plenty strong for this large door because all the parts are glued together.

Van Dyke's Restorers (800) 558-1234. Maple bun legs. #CG-02003062; $11.69 each Oak dowel rod. I -in. dia.. 36-in. long. AG-02252630; $3.29

Woodworker's Hardware

(800) 383-0130.

Continuous hinge, brass, l-l/2-in. wide.48-in.

Magnetic catch. A09793 PT;$I each.

Jesada Tools

(800) 531 -5559. www.| I-in. planer bit. «652-502; $20 5/8-in. roundovcr bit. «638-945: $40.

Woodcraft Supply


Medium walnut water-soluble dye. # 123823; $8

Lee Valley

(800) 871-8158. Ceramic knobs. I -1 /24n. da.. #01W0403; $1.10 each. I -in. dia.. #00w7002; $ .97 each.

Hang the door with a continuous hinge. Unusual? Sure, but its slick. It's easy to install, with no fussy mortises, just a simple rabbet; plus it's durable and rigid, which helps keep the door flat

I was a cheapskate, and regretted it. The first time I made the doors for this cabinet I used up the tail end of my walnut pile. The mismatched figure looked nasty! I had to buy a whole new bunch of lumber and build a new pair of doors. Lesson learned: Don't skimp when you buy lumber.

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