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Professionals use laser for precise measurements... why don't you?

New Loser Level provides pinpoint accuracy for precise measurements...for almost any home improvement task.

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Even if the project has gone wrong in countless ways, I'll still feel that 1 need to finish what I started. And I'm the type of person who has to do things on their own. This of course takes more time than I've got, but now with the Laser Level, I can make precise measurements the first time around, leaving no room for errors. The Laser Level is a 16-inch machined aluminum level with an incredible laser light. It can project a dot or a line on any a distance of up to 1500 feet! rhat means that anytime you need to line something up or make it perfectly level, all you do Ls turn on Laser Level and mark the spot. It features high quality horizontal and vertical bubble levels. The handy lens refractor clips onto the end of the unit, letting you select the line or the dot image. The level includes a threaded tripod mount and is inscribed with a ruler with indications to 1/8 inch. It's perfect for everyone from contractors and engineers to interior designers and home craftsmen. Foctory direct limited time offer. Laser technology has come a long way over the years. VVhjt originally began in

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Marie's story

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research labs for high level military applications is now the newest way to make home improvement easier than ever. We've been ■vorking with the makers of this high quality Iproduct for years, so we can offer it to you Jt a special volume discount. Call today and you'll never hang a crooked picture again.

Please mention product code 8218-21282. For fastest service, call toll-tree 24 hours a day

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