Magic Molder

Absolutely nothing.

That's exactly what happens to this high-tech Swedish mattress (the heart of our viscoelastic Weightless Sleep System) when a giant 13-ton steamroller repeatedly runs over it.

Pretty amazing, isn't it? 26,000 lbs. of road-pulverizing force would severely damage conventional mattresses. But the revolutionary Tempur-Pedic bed (above) was left undamaged —and undeformed.

The scientists who developed our state-of-the-art weightless sleep technology used NASA's anti-G-force research to invent Tempur' material, a new kind of viscoelastic bedding that reacts molecularly to body mass and temperature.

Makes all other beds obsolete!

Its pressure-relieving "anti-gravity effect" has billions of microporoscopic memory cells automatically contouring to your precise shape and weight—giving your body perfect support.

Consider this: those thick, ornate pads that cover most mattresses are needed to keep the hard steel springs inside. But they create a hammock effect outside that can actually cause pressure points. Our molecular springs gently mold to your every curve and angle.

Tempur-Pedic's sleep-science achievement is recognized by NASA...cited by

Recognized by NASA

Certified by the Spül r foundilntn.

Recognized by NASA

Certified by the Spül r foundilntn.

sefasOc memory ate conlorm to ewry am and angle of your txxJy ventilating windows fesipate heal the U.S. Space Foundation...and certified by the Space Awareness Alliance. TV, cable, radio, newspapers, and magazines have reported on Tempur-Pedic and given us rave reviews.

Our high-tech Swedish Sleep System is extolled, worldwide, by over 25,000 sleep clinics, physicians, and health professionals. In fact, it's the first really important new bed since the inner-spring was introduced some 75 years ago.

Small wonder, then, that 3 out of every 4 Tempur-Pedic owners go out of their way to recommend us to close friends and relatives—and 82% tell us "It's the best bed I've ever had!"

For a FREE DEMONSTRATION KIT, phone or fax right now. You'll get a sample of Tempur material, a Better Sleep Video, a 16-page Consumer Guide, a duty-free Import Price List, product info—and a Free 13-Week Home Tryoui Certificate.



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