L Wilke Machinery Company otters a full line ot professional wood-"I wortong machines and power tools that are designed lor any job Next to "buying right the first time'. Irom whom you buy c one of your most important purchase decisions. The Wifce sales staff pays k The Service Department ensures"your contaued satetacbon with I In-stock parts and technical know-how.

BW-3J Long Bed Jointer..xaMbe the best 8" Jointer on the mart»/ today! /lis surety a super value

FEATURES (T166"labte • 8" cutting v»«m • I'Trvu ctfSng d^OC,xrraCtetingcapa»/'i500RPM.Krrto cuttortwad • VIß HP. t PH AmencafHrade motor • Dus> colflcton hood opùonai» 4" x 36* easy to alienee tftsnwardand outwa-d to 45' wlh cooftw slops m bo* posoons I «Jas at 90*

BW-002A Dust Collector...

portaûte, compact uni can solve vcur dusi coiecîion problerns at a very lew cost FEATURES Metal impede* (no< pttsbc)

• Baa attached wim quk* roloaso metal straps • Two HP «ingki phaw motor

• 1059 CFM • On« or Wo 4' om. hoso inlets • 43 5 Oill. CdOCbOn tOQ •162 setter bag

PBS-440 Bandsaw designed and manufactured m Europe. It mns quietly and vibration free FEATURES: 3 HP. 1 PH or 3.6 HP 3 PH mote magnetic starter • Preosion oalancod cast iron wteeo wth rubber trw • Tatie stot tor mrter gauge use |Mtef gauge cpwnaf) • R*fc and prion adustmect at upper bisle gurto • Bado tenscn rxfcator • Foot fate • Dust hood • Heavy duty. cast iron rp fence assemtfy •Heavyduty European tn-boannj btadegixfes

BW-310SL Sliding

bptnoie draper...

smooth^Sdrtg table is

SÄSSi brendgran.

Jng table • FomatiteOTft Two spnde speeds • IS-mch ooiet Three interchangeable spndes Magnetc starter

For intormatwn and a FREE catalog contact us by toll free phooo

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