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Hydro-Sa «$ a unique room heating system that con save you hundreds of dollars in home heafng costs.

it con reboce or supplement your electric heat, oil or gos furnace, kerosene heaters ana woodstoves. Hydro-Si! ;s designed for whole house or indwdual room comfort. Hydro-Sil hearing works Ike mis .nskJe the heater case is a sealed copper tube filled with a harmless s'icone flwd that wil never spit. leak, boil or freeze. It's per-manenl. You'll never run out. Running through tne liqud is c variable wott hydroelectric element that Is only being supplied a KDfiGIlmQ! amount of power on on o»-n—dad bosh. When the thermostat is turned on. the si'cone liqud Is quickly heated, and with Its heat retention qualities, continues to heat after tne Hydro element shuts off. sovlng you money. This exclusive technology g-eatiy increases energy sovings and comfort.

Your benefits with Hydro-Sil

• Lifetime Worraity - no service coils

• Whole House Heating or Single Room

• Room by Room Control

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