Hanging Mirror

Like the design of the mirror but don't have room for the full-length version? Well, here's a scaled-down model that you can hang anywhere. It would look great above a mantle or dresser, or on its own in a hallway.

I used the same construction techniques that I described earlier for the larger version. Only the size of the individual pieces needs to change.

The mortise and tenon joinery remains the best choice for the frame, because the mirror assembly still needs the support of a strong joint.

If you attach hangers to the mirror, be sure to fasten them to the stiles rather than the top rail, as shown below. This way, you'll be assured that the weight is distributed evenly on the frame.

D-style hanger

Materials & Supplies

A Frame Stiles (2)

B Frame Rails (2)

D Sacking Board (1)

E Stile Overlays (4)

F Center Stile Overlays (4)

G Rail Overlays (4)

H Center Rail Overlays (4)

% x B - 22% %x3- 37% % ply. -17% x 35% % hdbd. - 15'£x33'£ %x 1 % - 22% % x Vi - 3% % x 1 % - 34% % x '/2 - 7 Is

I Rail Filler Strips (4) J Stile Filler Strips (4) K Filler Squares (20)

• (2) D-style Hangers with screws fox'¿-16'/a '/a x - 7% '/ax%-%

' Hardboard

Frame Overlay

' Hardboard

Frame Overlay

T-track accepts fence accessories for your

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