HowTo Side Rail Joinery

r-dia. Forstrier bit

The Rabbets. I rabbeted the ends of the side rails with a router, a straight bit, and a straightedge. You'll need to make multiple passes.

Bolt Holes. To accurately locate the bolt holes, I drilled them first from the outside of the rail. Then I drilled counterbores.

Counterbore holes for nut and washer / in corner blocks

Upper frame assembly lock nut with fender washer

V-dia. X deep counterbored holes in corner block

Leg assembly

Carriage bolt

Comer block

Lower frame assembly

Woodscrews used to attach lower end rails to front legs

#8*2(4' Fh woodscrew

NOTE: Assemble parts with bed laying on its side

Front leg assembly

Lower frame end rail

Front leg assembly

NOTE: No lower bolt holes needed in front legs

Front leg assembly countirbores. The washers and nuts for the bolts fit into counter-bores (detail 'a'), 1 drilled these with the aid of a simple hardboard guide. The details are on page 33.

stand it up. At this point, you can start putting the pieces together. I first bolted the rear legs to the frame, then turned the assembly over. Now, just repeat the process. But remember, the lower end rails will be attached with woodscrews (detail 'b'). Carefully stand the assembly up and you can move on.

than standing upright. This makes the heavy parts more manageable.

80lt holis. Before you can bolt the pieces together, you need to drill holes for the bolts. The box below shows how to do this step by step.

First, I laid out the holes on the legs and used the V-block I made earlier to help drill them. Next, stand both frames on their sides and position a leg across them to start the holes into the frame corners. Complete the holes through the frames after removing the leg.

At this point, you ^ -f have a collection of good size pieces made. So the next step is to connect them into a solid assembly.

easier than it looks. The drawing above shows how the legs and frames are held together with long bolts installed at the corners. But the big question is how to assemble these large pieces safely and easily. Fortunately, there's a simple answer. What you'll want to do is assemble the bed on its side, rather note: Drill counterbore in comer block after completing bolt holes. See page 33

Upper frame side

Drill 3A"-dia.

hole J through L leg


Wort; Leg \ is supported by upper and lower frames

Vs'-dia. through hole

-Use V-block to support leg

Next, Into the Frame. The two frames Through the Frame. Finally, remove are positioned so the leg can be laid across the leg and use the starter holes to drill them to start the holes into the frame. through to the inside of the frame.

First, Through the Legs. A section of V-block will provide support on the drill press table while you drill through the leg.

Woodsmith m

NOTE: Cut desktop panel to size before applying laminate

NOTE: Cut desktop panel to size before applying laminate

making the

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