Shop Tip Adding the Mirror

A few beads of mirror mastic holds the mirror. Mastic tape around the edge keeps it in place while the mastic cures.

Spacers around all four sides make it easy to drop the mirror into position, perfectly centered in the frame.



completing the


Now that you've completed the frame and overlay, you can move on to the final details. There are only a few things left to do — add the feet and wall blocks, apply a finish, and install the mirror.

feet and wau blocks. The feet and wall blocks hold the frame up off the floor and away from the wall and give it a "floating" appearance. They're just some small pieces of stock cut to the sizes shown above with a 10° bevel on one edge.

For this, I turned to the table saw. The easiest way to cut the blocks is to make the bevel cut on a longer piece of stock and then trim the pieces to their final length.

After you've made the feet and blocks, you'll need to drill and countersink holes in each piece to accept the screws. Then you can also drill matching holes in the frame and screw the blocks in place. To make sure the mirror li

D-style hanger

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