Shop Jig Slot Cutting

Simply slide the mitered piece along the jig to cut accurate spline slots.

If you need to cut spline slots in lots of small pieces (like the kitchen containers on page 16), you might want to try this jig. The idea is that rather than tilt the saw blade, the workpiece is tilted. As you can see, the fence captures the mitered end to accurately position the slot. The beveled support keeps the workpiece "on angle" as you slide it along the jig (detail 'a'). Since the workpiece is trapped between the fence and the support, the jig is built to accommodate a single thickness of stock.


Weak Spline.

A long grain spline can split along its length.

Much Stronger.

A crossgrain spline is guaranteed against splitting and creates a stronger joint.

Finished width of

blade through base to make slot

BASE (V/hardboard)


Position support based on thickness of workpiece


rip fence

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