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In Eastern Pennsylvania, where I live and work, you don't have to dig deep to strike a vein that's rich in history. The frugal, hardworking German and English settlers who cleared the land have left us a legacy in stone barns, iron tools, woven coverlets and wooden furniture. The barns now are stooped and bowed, but the artifacts are well cared for in museums and private collections.

But what of the skills that built these objects? Who's keeping that part of the legacy alive?

Historians and scholars are doing their part. Authors like Henry Kauffman, R.A. Salaman, Roy Undcrhill, Michael Dunbar and the late Eric Sloane have documented their studies in print. Living museums like Sturbridge Village and Colonial Williamsburg bring old crafts to life.

But the real responsibility rests with craftspeople like us. As woodworkers, we owe it to ourselves, our children and our grandchildren to hand down the skills

Even In the advanced woodworking shop, the spectacular 'INCRA Double Dovetail'" pictured here would be tyst about impossible to make. But with the precision and versatility o! INCRA JIG. this joint is not only possible, but surprisingly easy to produce.

Universal Precision Positioning Jig

This UNIVERSAL PRECISION POSITIONING JIG QTMtty enhance« the accuracy of all your worV positioning requirements by serving as a precision *x:ren*?ntaJ tence ex stop blocfc on your router table, drill press. taWe saw. band saw. Of radial arm saw. It postons your worfc perfectly a? ANY multiple ol 1/32". V16". 1/8**. 1/4". or 1/T relative to the cutting tool over the Kill 8-«nch rango Th* |ig is also easily micro-adjustable to any position between tued steps The worst-case error is under 1 ,'500" with a repeatability error much less than t /1000'

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