Veritas Honing Guide And Angle

Made by Lee Valley Tools in Canada, this well-machined. precision guide has an exceptionally useful feature—you can hone a precise secondary bevel on the blade without removing it from the guide. (As mentioned in the Honing Tips sidebar, a secondary bevel lets you sharpen a blade quickly by removing only a small amount of metal.) A spring-actuated cam raises or lowers the guide roller slightly, giving you a choice of two secondary bevels. For example, if you hone the basic bevel at 25°. you can set a secondary bevel of 26° or 27°. The angle-setting jig itself has five basic settings- 15°, 20°, 25°, 30°, and 35°. The optional Veritas Angle-Setting Jig (see inset photo) helps to quickly set and square the guide to one of 25 precise angles ranging from 13'/:° to 38". That pretty much covers all the bevel angles you'd ever need.

The Veritas honing guide accepts chisel, plane and spokeshave blades up to 2V> in. wide and5/« in. thick. In combination with the angle jig, I found it to be the easiest guide to set up for precise angles, even on skew blades. You can hone skew blades with the other guides, but they require considerably more tinkering

Honing Jigs

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wm to align the blade properly.

If you don't buy the optional angle-setting guide, you'll need to square the blade in the guide by eye. The base plate of the guide has index lines to help square narrow blades in it. To resharpen, position the blade in the guide so the existing basic bevel is flat against the stone. After honing the basic bevel flat (not always necessary), rotate the cam knob to hone the secondary bevel. When using the guide on several of my longer chisels, I found that the hold-down clamp didn't work as well. The manufacturer compensates for this problem by including a self-adhesive, high-friction pad that sticks to the base plate. After sticking the pad on the guide, it held the tool fine. Unfortunately, the pad

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