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With the combination square damped to the fence, you can move the ruler to fine tune the stop

Handscrew Support

Working with long stock and wide panels can be a real hassle. Not only are they difficult to move around, but they're hard to support while working on them. This is especially true when the piece has to be supported on edge. For that, t usually clamp the piece in the face vise of my workbench. However, that means the other end is unsupported for planing, sanding, or cutting mortises.

While wrestling with another large workpiece, I came up with a pretty simple solution that uses a traditional woodworking tool — a wood handscrew. As you can see in the photo at right, all I did was clamp the hand screw at the end of the workpiece and rest it on the top of the bench. It worked perfectly. Now if the workpiece still moves around as you're working, you can clamp the handscrew to the bench with another handscrew or other clamp.

Scott Wallace Goshen, Massachusetts

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Or Hl i< ig guide keeps drill bit square f cj i/ie wor^pFtre i.U.ïCCH


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more tips from our readers attached to pivoting spacers.

To use the jig, slip it over the end or edge of a workpiece. Then pivot the spacers until the fences are flat against the workpiece. A few strips of self-adhesive sandpaper keeps the jig from slipping,

Jared Huber Appktort, Wisconsin

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