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A drill press mortising attachment is less expensive and takes up less space than a stand-alone mortiser. The problem is the fence, damps, and hold-downs are often too small for many mortising jobs

A dedicated mortising machine (see page 14) works great for making mortises. But there is a less expensive alternative — a mortising attachment for your drill press. The only problem with these attachments is that typically they come with a dinky fence and a pair of wimpy clamps (see photo at left). Which is probably why my mortising attachment sits on a shelf gathering dust.

But recently, I was talking to Ted Raife, one of our assistant editors. Ted has used a mortising attachment on his drill press for years and really likes it. Then I found out why. One of the first things Ted did when he got his mortising attachment was to throw away the fence assembly that came with it. In its place, he built an adjustable table to hold the workpiece securely.

I asked Ted to bring his table in so I could have a closer look. (That's Ted's jig sitting on the

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