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NOTE: For sources of futon mechanism hardware, see page 51

How-To: Install Back and Seat Into Frame

Insert back frame into end frames before attaching ¡eat frame For more, see box below boards with a tongue cut on each end. Once the tongue is cut, you can insert them in the frames. I found that the rails flex enough in the middle to slip in a slat. Then you can slide it in position and screw it to the cleats from behind (detail 'c' on the opposite page).

THE SEAT FRAME. You'll find that the seat frame goes together pretty much the same way as the back frame, with a few differences.

First, the seat ends (L) are shorter and the end that attaches to the back frame is rounded so that it can pivot freely, as in detail 'b' on the opposite page. Secondly, the seat mils (7® are sized so that the seat frame can slide between the hack ends. You'll find the dimensions for the sent dents (N) and slats (O) in


¡.UUitJl Stretcher tiolti

Connecting the Seat Frame. All that's left is to attach the seat frame to the back frame with a carnage bolt and some washers.

NOTE: For sources of futon mechanism hardware, see page 51

the drawings on the opposite page. Finally, I eased the sharp edges on both frames with sandpaper.

ASSEMBLING THE FUTON. With the frames complete, you're just about ready to assemble the futon. But before you do, you'll need to attach the roller hardware to the back frame (details 'a' and 'b'). It may seem a little awkward to assemble the futon, but I've found a way that takes out some of the hassle. You can see how in the box below. E5

■■ To make the futon work, rollers are attached to the back frame and ride in the grooves in the end frames reihten itretcihe.' ¿wfiq io itiCur-e /ifldf in frortn-

Tighten up the Frame. When both sets of rollers are seated in the grooves, you can tighten the bolts down.

Installing the Back. With the bolts on the stretchers loosened, fit the back frame in place and slip the rollers in the grooves tips from our shop

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