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Long dowel keeps outer blade from spinning

Btck ii msrff fristti plywood

Long dowel holds outer blade in place

Dado Blade Storage Rack needed a more convenient place to store my dado set than in a workbench drawer. Most of all,! wanted to keep the teeth on the chippers and blades from getting dinged up. To do this, I built this storage rack.

The back of the rack is made from 3/i" plywood. The teeth are kept from hitting each other by a series of dowels that are spaced around a centered hub. They're spaced so the dowels fit in the gullets of the chippers and blades, as shown in the photo. In the center of the rack is a 1/2"~dia. dowel that holds the blades in place. To space the outer dowels, use a compass to draw a 7V2"-dia. circle around a center point. Then use a protractor to lay them out every 36°, as you can see in Fig. 1 below. Note:

Cutaway shows chippers held in place by dowels

You may need to aiterthe layout to fit your dado b!ade set.

At this point, Vi'-dia. holes are drilled to hold the outer set of dowels. The dowels can then be glued in place. Nine of the dowels stick out 3A". To keep the outer blade from spinning, the last dowel sticks out IV2" (Fig. 2a).

There's just one thing left to do. I sanded a notch on the top of the center dowel. This notch prevents the blades and chippers from acci-dently sliding off the rack.

Joseph Serencsics Hyde Park, New York

Btck ii msrff fristti plywood

Long dowel keeps outer blade from spinning

Combination Square Miter Stop

One of the most useful tools in my shop is my power miter saw. It quickly handles most crosscutting jobs and cuts precise miters. But when it comes to cutting multiple parts to the same length, it needs a little help. The other day, I came up with a simple solution — a combination square stop block.

As you can see in the photo at right, I simply clamp the combination square upside down to the fence of the miter saw. Note: I clamped it to the left side of the saw. This way, I can hold on to the offcut and it won't get thrown by the blade.

Best of ail, unlike other clamp-on stop blocks, the combination square is easy to "micro-adjust." All you need to do is loosen the nut on the ruler and slide it in or out precise amounts for an accurate cut, as shown in the drawing below.

Marc DeBower Cedar Rapids, Iowa t r* cil Ii KM

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April/May, 2004


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