Legs are cut from V/a"-thick stock

EASE THE EDGES. To wrap up the work on the legs, 1 took them to the router table. I didn't want to leave sharp edges that could be easily damaged, so I installed a Vs" round-over bit to ease all four long edges and the bottom edges as shown in details V and 'c.'

How-To: Make a Mortise

Lay Out the Mortises. Since the mortises are positioned identicaliy in each leg, just mark one leg and then use a square as a guide to transfer the marks to the other legs

Drill Out the Waste. Once the mortises are laid out on the legs, you can take them to the drill press. Drilling a series of overlapping holes will remove most of the waste

Back to the Bench. The final step is to dean up the mortise with a chisel. Smooth the cheeks by paring back the peaks left by the drill press and then square the ends.

NOTE: Upper and lower rails on sides and back are mortised for slats


Curve on lower rails can be cut with iig saw or band saw

With the tour legs ready and waiting, T turned next to making the upper and lower rails that connect them.

TENONS FIRST. Once you've cut the four, identical upper rails (B) and the four, identical lower mils CCJ to size from W-thick stock, you can install a dado blade in the table saw. Use it to cut the tenons on the ends of the rails (detail 'a').

When each tenon is a snug fit in its mortise, switch back to a standard blade to miter the ends of the tenons (detail 'b'). A small gap between the tenons will leave space for glue and ensure that the tenons seat fully in the mortises.

A FEW MORE MORTISES. At this point the leg to rail joinery is done. But later, you're going to add vertical slats between the upper and lower rails on three sides of the base. This requires cutting a few more shallow mortises. You can do this using the same method used for the leg mortises. Both the upper and lower rails on the two sides and the back have identically-spaced mortises — but not the two front rails.

THE SHELF DADO. You'll also be adding a shelf that's captured by dadoes in the lower rails of the base. So cutting these dadoes is the

Mortises foi ifJti pflifo fn /□wer rails csptrjneï



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