Doubleduty Drilling

Guide Your Drill Bit for Straight Holes and Precise Angles

My jig tor boring the stool's angled seat holes and horizontal stretcher holes does the work of a radial drill press, but you can make it from just a few wood scraps.

The jig is designed to guide an extension bit chucked in a portable electric drill. To drill the angled seat holes, I first position the jig on the underside of the seat, driving a 1-in.-long screw through the center of the jig's base and into the t enter point used to lay out the leg holes. I turn the jig on its screw until the point of the drill bit centers on the layout lines for a leg hole. Then I clamp the jig's base to the seat and bore the hole.

When I need to guide a bit for horizontal drilling, I remove the pivoting arm— with the drill attached—and clamp this arrangement to a scrap stick of appropriate length and width. I he stick and pivoting arm can then be positioned to properly align the bit. —V.M.

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