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Finishing Wax, due to ship July 1. Beyond these two, Merz says, Flecto is still in the process of deciding which WATCO products to bring back next.

The Flecto Company, Inc. also manufactures the VARATHANE line of finishes and stains. But the company's recent advertisements assure that Flecto will stick to WATCO's original 67-year-old Danish Oil formula. If you're a business interested in carrying the reborn WATCO line, call Flecto customer service at: (800) 635-3286.


Mr. John Trembelas of

McLean, VA, is the 1994 winner of the $5,000 Delta Dream Workshop prize sponsored jointly by Delta International Tool Co. and American Woodworker. Trembelas will choose $5,000 worth of Delta tools and accessories for his shop.

Working "turkey-tail" wood. Above, Curtis Buchanan shows students how to use a drawknife. Inset, Ronny Antunes puts the final touches on a bar stool he built.

leaves. Cola depava splits and shaves well and resembles cherry in strength and density. It regenerates from cut stumps and roots, so it's fairly easy to harvest sustainably. In fact, the forests that supply trees for this project arc certified through the Rainforest Alliance's Smart Wood program. (See AW «38.)

I'hc students arc selling their furniture locally, and they've also exhibited in the capital city, Tegucigalpa. WARP

plans to help them explore markets in North America.

For information about WARP or to support the Honduras project, write: WARP, 289 College St., Burlington, VT 05401.

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