Honouran Teens Turn Wood To Cashan D Help Save The Rain Forest

Students in the highlands of EI Carbon» Honduras, are working with The Woodworkers Alliance for Rainforest Protection (WARP) to learn a trade and save natural resources. Since 1993, WARP members Curtis Buchanan and Brian Boggs have conducted five workshops in the Central American country to tcach young people the art of green woodworking.

Green woodwork requires neither expensive machinery nor complex joinery, and since there's no waiting for wood to dry, students can quickly turn their lessons to profit. These students are certainly quick: After only 15 days of instruction, seven Honduran teens completed more than 60 pieces of furniture, including stools, chairs, and a table.

The young Hondurans use cola de pava—"tail of the turkey"—a local hardwood named for the shape of its

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