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Buyer's Guide to Router Table Fences

Aftermarket Fences Offer Accuracy, Convenience and Capability

Adjustability, capability and precision. At'termarket router table fences are designed to help you get the most out of your router table. Above> JoinTECH's Smart Fence with its optional MDF "Fence-Raiser" provides high support for operations like raising panels.

Noc too long ago, a typical router table was little more than a router mounted upside down in a piece of plywood. Clamp a straight-edged piece of wood to the plywood and you'd have a fence. But times have changed. Today, the router table has come into its own as a stationary tool. Woodworkers expect more features and capabilities, and manufacturers have responded with tables, inserts, fences, stands, and accessories.

Except for the router itself, the fence is probably the most important part of a router table setup. You could build your own fence, but you'd be hard-pressed to incorporate some of the advanced features found on the aftcrmarkct fences we tested here. Depending on your needs, you might want a fence with micro-adjustment capability, one with ready-made T-slots convenient for mounting accessories, or maybe one that has a replaceable, zero-clearance insert to reduce chipout. A vacuum port for dust collection is also a big plus. You'll find these features and more among the 10 different fences we tested.

All the fences we tested have bases of cast or extruded aluminum. Clamps or knobs secure the base to the top of the router table, and the workpiece is guided by wooden or plastic subfences that are secured to the base. Only the Hartvillc fence is designed without subfences; its L-profile extrusion acts as base and fence.

Bit guards are important safety features, and all 10 fences have them. In general, we liked the bit guards that mount to a fence's base rather than to its subfcncc, because you can adjust the subfcncc without loosening the guard.

As you check out each fence on the following pages, note the key features labeled in the photos. If you've already built or bought a tabletop for your router table, the "Fits table size" specs will be important. Factor in the price and weigh the "Pros" and "Cons" against the kind of work you plan to do. Then consider our picks.

Overall, all 10 fences filled the bill for standard routing tasks. Our Editors' Choice award goes to JoinTECH's Smart Fence for its innovative design and abilities. Our Best Buy pick is Woodhavcn's model 202. (See pages 60 and 62.) A

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