Sources For Specialty Wood In Southeastern Pennsylvania

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Good Hope Hardwoods

1627 New London Rd., Landenburg, PA 19350 (610)274-8842 Circle #601 In business since 1992 Principle domestic hardwoods: figured maple and cherry, Claro walnut Exotic hardwood specialties: mahogany

Groff & Hearne Lumber Inc.

858 Scotland Rd., Quarryville, PA 17566 (800) 342-0001 • (717) 284-0001 • Fax: (717) 284-2400 Circle #602

In business since 1989 Principle domestic hardwoods: figured and FAS cherry, walnut, maple, white and red oak, birch, ash, poplar Exotic hardwood specialties: mahogany, rosewood, padauk

Locust Grove Woodshop

West Chester, PA (610) 793-1380 • Fax: (610) 793-0224 Circle U603 In business since 1978 Principle domestic hardwoods: wide cherry boards, other figured hardwoods Exotic hardwood specialties: mahogany crotch lumber, extra-wide mahogany

Sandy Pond Hardwoods Inc.

921-A Lancaster Pike, Quarryville, PA 17566 (800) 546-9663 • (717) 284-5030 • Fax: (717) 284-5739 Circle #604

In business since 1986 Principle domestic hardwoods: figured maples and cherry, flame birch Exotic hardwood specialties: mahogany, padauk, purpleheart

Talarico Hardwoods

RD #3, Box 3268, Mohnton, PA 19540-9339 (610) 775-0400 • Fax: (610) 775-1456 Circle #605 In business since 1974 Principle domestic hardwoods: quartersawn white and red oak, sycamore, ash Exotic hardwood specialties: ebony, bubinga, cocobolo sible to make customers happy."

The curly cherry I ordered from Sandy Pond arrived in good shape. Boards were well-matched for making a table-top, as 1 instructed. Likewise, the butternut shipped to me by Groff & Hearne arrived clear, straight and uniformly thick. It's a good thing my workshop has such limited space for lumber storage. Otherwise, the lure of beautiful boards could lead to lethal hits on my credit card. A

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