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Woodcraft Supply (800) 22.1-1153

Price: $104.95

Construction: Extruded aluminum base; 3/4-in. maple subfences. Fence height: 3 in.

Fits table size: 1 in. to 11/2 in. thick, by 23 in. to 34*/2 in. long. Pros: Two-piece fence lets you adjust gap for bit from 2*/2 in. to 41/2 in. wide. Bit guard adjusts vertically and horizontally. Large lock knobs are easy to turn.

Cons: Minimum opening between subfences is large (2 '/2 in.). Bottom line: A good but pricey basic fence that's sturdy and easy to use.


Woodworker's Supply <800) 641-9292

Construction: Extruded aluminum base; oak subfences. Fence height: 2'/2 in.

Fits table size: 3/4 in. to 1 in. thick, by 24 in. long.

Special features: Subfence opening and offset independently adjustable.

Pros: Two-piece fence lets you adjust gap for bit from zero in. to 2V2 in. wide. Micro-adjust screws let you offset subfences precisely up to 1 in. in or out.

Cons: Requires Allen wrench to adjust subfences left or right. Shortest and lowest fence. Limited to 24-in.-long tabletops. Bottom line: A short but adequate fence best suited to small-scale work. Micro-adjust capability works, but doesn't ensure parallel subfences. Check both fences with a straightedge before tightening lock knobs.


Turn a knurled ring at the back of the fence to move either subfence in or out along a built-in scale.

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