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Kerf Bend Fish

Price: $129.95

Construction: Extruded aluminum; plastic subfences. Fence height: 3'/4 in.

Fits table size: Up to 13/4 in. thick, by 24 in. to 30 in. long.

Special features: Quick-action cam clamps for table attachment.

Optional accessories (starred in photo): Feather board;

bit guard; vacuum attachment for 2'/2-in. hose.

Pros: Two-piece fence lets you adjust gap for bit from zero in.

to 23/l6 in. wide. Cam clamps lock fence in position securely with half-turn of lever. Base-mounted bit guard adjusts independently of subfences. Stock slides easily on UHMW

(ultra high molecular weight) plastic subfences.

Cons: You can't screw into fence to mount jigs or auxiliary fence. Fence working height is only 2 in. because plastic sub-

fences protrude slightly beyond the base.

Bottom line: Pricey, but well-made and sturdy, this is a great fence for basic routing operations. But it's too small to fit on popular 32-in.-wide or 34-in.-wide router tables.

Tight-gripping cam clamp. A half-turn of the handle locks Woodsmith's fence securely.


VACUUM ATTACHMENT* (behind fence)

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