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Elegant Support for Your Treasures

Well adjusted. With its wooden hinge, sliding feet and delicate bamboo skewer; this miniature easel can adjust to hold items of various sizes.

Why display a beautiful plate or a special photograph on a nondescript, factory-made stand? I know the displayed item really needs to be the center of attention, but to me it seems more fitting for a special memento to have a well-crafted stand made from a beautiful wood.

This idea is what prompted me to design what I call the "easy easel." (See photo, above.) Simple to build, my display stand adjusts to hold a variety of objects—photos, plates, bowls—in all shapes and sizes.

The stand pivots at the top on a wooden hinge. A bamboo skewer (avail able at most supermarkets) bends as you pivot the stand, providing enough tension so the legs stay put in any position. Two "feet" at the bottom of the stand can be moved in or out to accommodate items of various thicknesses.

The rack shown in the drawing is sized so an 8-in.-dia. plate can be displayed without the top of the stand showing, but feel free to dimension the stand to suit your own collection. This stand is made from walnut; the hinge and dowels are rosewood. Rosewood offers extra durability for the moving parts, but you could also use stock dowel rods to make these pieces.

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